Trusted Vendors

Congratulations, you have your service and reception venue booked and of course you have me secured for your date, but what next? On this page I have detailed some of the super talented and creative people who I have witnessed brining wedding days to life, I have worked with them and seen how happy they have made previous couples and their guests. So pour yourselves a cuppa and spend some time viewing their work. Obviously I have my favourites you will see them first, however no two weddings are the same and I have included a few other vendors in each business area that will help to make your wedding next level awesome! Clicking on their names takes you straight to their websites so you can check out their work in a little more detail

Lisa x

Videographers & Film

The first question I get asked after you book me is if I can recommend someone to film your day. There are two methods of recording your day, either the traditional morning through dancing recording or a modern cinematic edited film. I have included some recommendations to suit both your style and budget. All of these guys are superbly talented and I work with them all on a regular basis. Past couples have commented that, particularly with the modern cinematic style they have brought their images to life.

Tom Nicoll - We Can Be Heroes

Tom is my number 1 recommendation, he is a great friend and one of the most talented filmmakers in Ireland. His films are soulful and full of emotion, every thing you would want and more. We have worked on weddings together since 2015 and our similar approach and belief that creativity is at the heart and soul of the stories we tell helps make those stories timeless.

Wedding Bands & DJs

There is so much choice when it comes to this area and it is hard to know where to start. Where I am concerned, after spending all day with you this is who I am handing you over to and I want your experience to be seamless and for you and your guests to dance the night away. A good place to begin is to think about the make up of your guests and the type of music you want played. For example, you may prefer 80's & 90's dancefloor classics over a swing band, you may prefer an 8 piece swing band over celtic folk or maybe Jazz is more your style. Whichever you prefer there are bands that will deliver exactly what you are looking for and they are easy to find once you know what you are looking for. Then follow them on Instagram, view their stories and go listen to them play, get a feel for their sound and how they are going to respond to your guests. The right band for you will soon stand out.

Colm & Kevin - The Cavanagh Brothers Band

Based in Donegal but cover further afield, these guys are my top recommend band. Individually they are two of the most talented guitar and bass musicians and collectively they are one of the most skilful bands in the North West. They have been playing together for years and this shows in their ability to read and respond to your guests. I rarely leave a hotel with an empty dancefloor when these guys take the stage and often find myself having a wee dance as I am shooting some dancing images. Specialising in 80's 90's dancefloor fillers with a sprinkling of Irish country to keep the Grannies and Aunties happy with a wee waltz they have something in their repertoire to suit everyone. Guaranteed sore feet and big smiles. Always reliable, arriving on time with a well practiced set up schedule that includes a fabulous sound and lighting rig . Colm and Kevin are genuinely talented and lovely people, true gentlemen and a pleasure to work with. Oh and they also cover your disco

Cars & Transportation

Again the options here are endless, classic, vintage, supercar, modern, your own or maybe a film reference with an Aston Martin, VW Camper van or DeLorean (I'm a film loving child of the 80's what did you expect ;) It helps to think about how many people are in your bridal party and if you want to travel separately or together. Also think about distance, whilst classic cars are absolutely gorgeous, they often don't have seatbelts and may only be able to travel 30mph if your house or venue is hard to get to then big cars such as limousines may find it challenging. Here are a few of the best I have worked with, gorgeous cars with sound drivers who think about the little extras like a bottle of champagne and umbrellas.

Wedding Cakes

Everyone loves a bit of cake and your cake table is the perfect place to add a wee nod to your parents wedding by including a photo pf them cutting the cake on your wedding day. Here are a few cake vendors who's creations taste as good as they look. Be sure to gather as many samples as you can, wedding fayres are a good place for cake testing.


With the key to make your day extra special, florists have a beautiful talent that takes you back to your day any time you see your wedding flowers in the future. Also extra points for the hubby to be if he remembers your flowers on your anniversary :) Here are a few of the most professional florists I have been lucky enough to work with.

The Best Of The Rest

From the little details that only you see to the big ones that make your experience brighter and better, here are a few vendors that get it right